By boat across the Sound, you can do two countries in one day. Stroll on the cosy streets of Helsingør and discover small cheese shops, feel butterflies in your stomach on the classic roller coaster at Bakken, visit the beautiful Louisiana art museum or visit Copenhagen.

The capital city greets you with a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. You can do big-city shopping here and take it easy with an ice cream in Nyhavn, watch animals at the zoo and explore the city’s selection of restaurants.

We will help you create an outing that is right for you, book tickets and arrange reservations. 

The easiest way to travel to Denmark is by train from Landskrona Station. Buy the Around-the-Sound ticket from us and your entire trip is paid for. The Around-the-Sound ticket is suitable for those who want to ride around the Sound over a two-day period. With the ticket you can travel once over the Öresund Bridge as well as once by ferry between Helsingør and Helsingborg. You can decide in which direction you want to go.

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