Ven, the little island in the sound that offers magnificent nature, idyllic marinas and the history of Tycho Brahe, the astronomer. Ven is located in the middle of the Sound between Denmark and Sweden.

The Ventraffiken ferry departs from Landskrona, and the crossing takes only 30 minutes. We recommend that you rent one of the yellow bicycles that have become characteristic of the island. They are available in front of Bäckvicken harbour. 

If you don’t want to bike, you can get around by buses, tractor trailers, horse and wagon or golf carts. You also can rent electric bicycles to ease the climb up hills. Naturally, there are ample opportunities to hike on the island, or you might want to try alpaca trekking.

Charming farm shops, culinary experiences, swimming, nature experiences, golf, ancient remains and other
exciting attractions await you.

Tycho Brahe Museum
The museum showcases one of the most important figures in science, the Skåne/Danish nobleman Tyco Brahe. At the end of the 16th century, he had an advanced research centre on the island of Ven with a castle and observatory. Today you can visit the museum, underground observatory, Renaissance Garden and the Idea History Children’s Park.

The Spirit of Hven
Backafallsbyn distillery one of the world’s smallest family owned pot still distilleries, where everything from fermentation, distilling, storage in oak casks and bottling occurs under the same roof. The distillery offers
both guided tours and whisky tastings. 

We also are in a region that has some of the country’s best producers of farm products, so we attach a great deal of weight to the use of locally produced ingredients to the extent possible. Thanks to our excellent location in this fertile countryside, we can do this without compromising quality.

Our cuisine is a source of pride, and during your visit our talented chefs will do their utmost to satisfy the specific desires of all guests. We extend warm wishes to you for a pleasant stay rich in experiences at Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn.